Sudoku Solver

What is SuDoku?
Sudoku is a board game that originated in Japan. The board is separated into 9 blocks, with 9 cells in each block. The goal of the game is to fill every cell, with numbers from 1 to 9. A numbers must apear only once in each column, row and block.
The game is very common and can be found in many many places, like brochures, magazines and websites. When one starts the game he is presented with a board with occupied cells and needs to fill in all of the other cells in the board. A board may have more then one solution.
You can read more about the SuDoku game, on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Sudoku Board
What is the goal of the software?
This program allows you to recieve the full solution of the puzzle after inserting the initial numbers.
*As mentioned above, sometimes there is more then one way to complete the board, and so an answer different from that of the software is not necessarily wrong (and vice versa).
New features:
What are the system requirements?
In order to use this software, the JAVA platform (version 1.4.2 or up) needs to be installed on your machine.
If it is not installed already, you need to download it from here.
How to install and use the software?
Windows users:
  1. Download the file: sudoku.exe
  2. Double-click the file to lunch the program.
Non-Windows users:
  1. Download the file: sudoku.jar
  2. Execute java -jar sudoku.jar from the command lin
Previous versions:
  • First version: EXE | JAR - June 2005
How to work with the software?

To solve a board,

  1. Insert numbers into the text fields.
  2. Click on the "Solve" button to find the solution of the puzzle. If the board is solveable, the completely solved board will appear.
  3. To clear the board, press the "New" button.

To check wheter you solved the board correctly,

  1. Insert the numbers into the board
  2. If the software let you insert all the numbers, your solution is correct.

New: exporting the board,

You can now save the finished board in an HTML format (share with friends, post on forums and bulletain board and alike).
  1. Click on the "Export" button.
  2. In the opened window, fill the following:
    File name
    Write the desired file name
    File type
    Choose the desired file type (this version support HTML only).
    Choose where the file will be saved (you can use the "Browse" button).
  3. After completing, click on "Export".
About the developer
My name is Nir Tayeb, I am 15 years old. I master the following programming languages/technologies:
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